So many places to see, but so little time…


This coming September, we are taking a trip back to Italy.  Originally, we were planning on making a stop in Deruta to pick up some more pottery for my shop, Tesoro.   As much as I want to do this, I realized that it would make our trip so much more duty-oriented rather than just about taking time and being at leisure.  So, I think I’ve made the decision that I will skip Deruta this time, thus giving us more time to explore Italy’s backroads.

This past weekend, we actually sat down and tried to find some places and things to do that fit into our path of travel.  I think we’ve come up with some unique and fun things to do.  I would love it if anyone reading this blog had anything to add to our ideas – whether you’ve experienced them or have any other tips!  Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Since we are travelling to and from Zurich, Switzerland, we have decided to incorporate a teeny bit of Switzerland into our itinerary.  The first thing we are planning to do is to take the William Tell Express, a scenic train ride from Luzern to Locarno.  The William Tell Express goes to Lugano as well, but we chose Locarno because it is on Lago Maggiore and the starting off point for our next adventure.

From Locarno, we are planning on taking the train ride through the Cento Valli.  Another scenic train ride through the valleys in the Piedmont region west of Lago Maggiore.  I have heard lots of favorable reviews of this excurion.  It can be combined with a boat ride along the western shore of the lake from Arona back to Locarno.  Even though I have been to lots of places along the shores of Lago Maggiore, I have never experienced anything north of Stresa.  So this sounds extremely appealing to me!  Exploring the lake of my roots has always been a dream of mine, and this will be a start to fulfilling that dream!

After visiting family and friends on Lago Maggiore, we plan on making a road trip to the Cinque Terra via Piedmont.  Stopping in Piedmont and exploring some of this area’s wineries and charming little towns is hopefully a possibility.  Visiting the Cinque Terre will be another new experience for me.  I have always wanted to see these enchanted towns set along the Ligurian coastline but never before had the opportunity.  We are excited to visit in September – hopefully the throngs of tourists which frequent these places will be gone and we can have the place to ourselves?  (am I being too hopeful?).  Irregardless, the tourist crowds have to be better than in the height of summer!

From Liguria, it’s on to Cecina in Tuscany to visit more family!  A trip along the coast is in the plan.  Being from California, travelling along the coast is always so scenic and beautiful.  I’m sure this Italian coast will not disappoint! 

Alas, at this point, our trip will be  almost over so we will have to take the Autostrada back up to Lago Maggiore, and then back to Zurich.  But….some quick stops along the way are a very strong possibility. 

Now I am starting to get excited!!!

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  1. All’andata avete un giro molto bello da fare, ma se al ritorno intersecate da qualche parte la provincia di Parma o Piacenza, fammi sapere tramite mail; ché magari riusciamo a vederci in carne e ossa 🙂

  2. OOOOOO….. I’m jealous!! Sounds wonderful! Bring comfortable shoes for Cinque Terra!!
    Susi lives in Zurich now. I can get Zurich tips for you from her, if you’d like. Looking forward to our little trip…. we can pretend we’re in Italy that day. 🙂 xoxo

    • Hi Ellen!!! I’m so excited to see you here!!! And actually, we are leaving Zurich as soon as we arrive! I want to get to Italy ASAP! But thanks for the offer 🙂
      See you soon, cara!!

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