Italy? Nope…Santa Cruz Mountains in California!!



As a pleasant surprise while driving through California’s Santa Cruz Mountains in search of some picturesque wineries to stop at and enjoy a picnic lunch, we stumbled upon a gorgeous Italian villa and winery!  What a find!  The architecture was spectacular and the ambience was even better!  Stone and stucco decorate the facade of this lovely winery, and the gardens and terraces boast outdoor fireplaces and fountains surrounded by flowers, herbs, and fruit trees.  The interior of the winery had marble floors and frescoed walls!  It was as if the owner had read my mind and decorated his villa exactly as I would if I had one 🙂  There was even a wood fired oven in which they baked those thin crust pizzas that you can only seem to find in Italy!  And, guess what?  The wines were good, as well!!   Sitting on the warm patio, sipping on a lovely glass of San Giovese, nibbling on a slice of thin crust pizza, and savoring the gorgeous views of vine-covered hills – no wonder so many Italian immigrants settled here…it was just like home!


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  1. Barbara:

    Ancora una volta un altro racconto ha scritto bellissimo ed delle fotografie meravigliose …… Cogratulazione Signora Barbara, dovresti essere molto fiero di te. Scrivi ….. Oh so beautifully …


  2. Sembra che tu avesse un buonissimo tempo – beata te. E il vino Sangiovese – uno di miei vini italiani preferiti

    E il fatto che è stato qualcosa che non hai aspettato fa più bella l’esperienza.

    A presto


  3. Hi, Frank. It is Regale Winery and it is in Loma Prieta. It is about 3 miles east of the Summit Road offramp from 17. It is right next door to Burrell School Vineyards. I’m hoping to get up there a lot over the summer. Let us know if you’d like to go sometime!

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