Don’t blow up, George!!!


Now, I’m not usually an “Entertainment Tonight” type of person and celebrity gossip doesn’t interest me much, but I have to confess that I make an exception when it comes to George Clooney!  Maybe it’s because he lives in Italy on a lake not far from my home roots.  Or perhaps it’s because he loves everything about Italy like I do… but I have a soft spot in my heart for George!  Therefore, when I heard that there were WWII bombs just feet away from his villa buried deep in the lake, I instantly became interested in this developing news story!  Evidently, a fisherman spotted the bombs lying at the bottom of the lake and alerted authorities to their existence.   Italian soldiers have been surrounding Villa Oleandra and working to bring up the 500 pounds of unexploded bombs, grenades and mortars.  The situation is tense because the bombs are unstable, with a possibility of an explosion.  The entire town of Laglio has been closed off while the Navy removes the bombs and brings them to a cave for detonation.

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