I couldn’t just stop at 5!!


Last week, I posted a blog entry about 5 of my favorite Italian words.  Well, I just can’t stop at five!  There are so many words that I love to say in Italian…so many that I enjoy hearing…that this blog subject may be a recurring one until I can’t think of any more possible words that attract my attention.  Will that ever happen? 

  1. Singhiozzo = hiccup!!  Can’t you just hear the hiccup happening with this word?
  2. Gioia = joy.  This word holds a special place in my heart because it was the term of endearment that my parents called each other.  What a beautiful way to express one’s love for one another!
  3. Ingozzare = to gulp.  The double z’s in this word are very pronounced!
  4. Pipistrello = bat (the mammal)  What a cute name for a not-so-cute animal 😦
  5. Saltimbocca = meat rollup stuffed with cheese.  This word literally translates to “jump into the mouth” and because these morsels are so tasty, that’s exactly what they do!

Stay tuned for more to come….


Thanks to the following blogs for this great idea –

Diario di Una Studentessa Matta


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