What would I do with a year in Italy?


Melanie, from Italophile’s post about Living a Year in Italy, asked her readers this question and it made me dream about actually having the opportunity to do this.  First of all, I’d have to say that I would have to bring my family with me because I couldn’t do this alone.  They wouldn’t have to be with me the entire time, but I would need to see them alot!  OK, so having gotten that little obstacle taken care of, the first thing I would do is find myself a home or apartment near Lago Maggiore as my home base.  This way, I would be close to my Italian family so that I could enjoy seeing them for LOTS of dinners together at my place.  I would love to visit the local markets and buy all the fresh ingredients for my dinners with them.  Experiencing the wonder of the Christmas and Easter holidays would be magical.  They always seem to follow so much tradition and I would love to be a part of that.  Just experiencing every day life would be incredible!

During my time in Italy, I would love to EXPLORE!!!  I don’t have much desire to see the big cities anymore, but would love to wander the small towns and villages…stopping at the local enoteca or trattoria to sample the menu of the day, visiting the local wineries to taste the barolo, taking a passeggiata through the alleyways and piazzas.  I would love to view the majestic natural beauty of the mountains and the sea, and to breathe in that special Italian air that is ever present in my memories.

Whenever I dream the perfect dream, it finds me sitting on an Italian veranda or a balcony overlooking a vineyard, the mountains, or the sea surrounded by my loved ones and just enjoying la bella vita!!

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  1. Ciao Barbara,

    My dream to live in Italy looks very much like yours. The major difference is that I am not of Italian origin and would not have close family ties as you do. But even so, during my travels to Italy over the past 25 years, I have always felt RIGHT AT HOME!

    Spero che un giorno che il mio sogno di vivere in Italia diventa una realta…anche per te…

    Grazie per la tua enthusiasma!


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