More Italian Words…..


Welcome to another installment of favorite Italian words…I told you I’d be posting more – there are just way too many GOOD Italian words.

1.  Accarezzare = to caress.  This word sounds so beautiful and romantic,    doesn’t it?

2.  Bonbonniera = usually a wedding favor, but can also be a favor for other special occasions.    It’s the perfect word to hold little keepsakes, like bon bons for instance!

3.  Barbone = a hobo or a tramp!  I wonder what they call a female hobo or tramp?  (and not that kind of tramp!!!)

4.  Guinzaglio = a leash. 

5.  Bestiale = in the term I like it used, it means incredible.  When something is awesome,  this term can be used with lots of expression!

Again, these Italian words are fun to say as well as expressive for their meanings.

I’m sure there will be more to come…..stay tuned!

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