I Didn’t Forget about Words!!


I know it’s been awhile since I posted a sequel to “My Favorite Italian Words” – there were so many other interesting things to write about, that this subject took the back burner.  But today, as I was trying to get inspired for another topic, I remembered this fun post topic.  OK, here are some new words to ruminate over:

1.  Sbadigliare = to yawn.  Mi viene da sbadigliare quando sento questa parola!!! (It makes me yawn when I hear this word!!)

2.  bo (or boh) = who knows, I don’t know, whatever!  I love this catch all word, which is probably slang, because it doesn’t show up in online translators!

3.  squillo = a call or ring.  This is used when you ask your friend to call you – Dammi un squillo!!

4.  Abbracciare = to hug.  A beautiful word for a beautiful moment!

5.  Disgraziato = jerk!  If you get called this, it is NOT a good thing!!

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  1. Ciao, Barbara! Funny, I was watching “Accatone” last night and I heard the word “disgraziato” quite a bit – yet, it was a new one for me! “Boh” can actually be found in word reference.com (http://www.wordreference.com/iten/boh) – it’s one of those funny words I was taught to only use around friends (but yet, it’s one of my most used when being silly with friends).

    • I love “boh”!! Such a small word and it says so much. And then, of course, you need to say it quickly and shrug the shoulders at the same time…boh!! Ha! Ha!

      “Disgraziato” is a great word – it sounds so mean, doesn’t it? But mean in Italian isn’t really mean – I’m always amazed how Italians can have a “serious” discussion and still come out being friends!!!

      What is “accatone”? Is it a TV show?

    • I hadn’t thought of that…but you are so correct 🙂 I use “boh” with my husband quite a bit – and that’s when I’m speaking English!!! We also use “IDK” alot (I don’t know), but that’s beside the point!

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