Do You Have 25 Million Euros to Spare?


A campaign is about to be launched in Italy!!!  This is the chance of a lifetime (that is, if you can spare 25 million euros…)  A sponsor is being sought who will foot the bill for the restoration of one of the world’s greatest treasures – Rome’s Colosseum!   Many of Italy’s ancient treasures are in  need of restoration, and the Italian government has stated that it will donate 1 million euro for these  projects.  Unfortunately, this isn’t nearly enough to cover the costs of saving these priceless treasures.  Therefore, the proposal was hatched at the Bocconi University to create this campaign, and it was approved by the various government authorities.  The Minister of Cultural Treasures has stated that if this campaign is effective, it will pave the way for the restoration of countless other treasures, including Pompeii and the Roman Forum.   Time to start saving my pennies….

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  1. Thanks for your recent visit to FK and for leaving the comment that led me here to your delightful site. I love hearing from my readers and am thrilled to hear that I have inspired you to dust off your silver. I also stopped by your other site and am in turn inspired by the beautiful pottery. So nice to meet you!


    • Now I have to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!!! I am honored 🙂 I can’t wait to have a little bit of time to play around with all my new (which are actually old) found treasures and making some new “vignettes” in my home!!! Pictures are worth a thousand words to me when it comes to decorating, and your pictures were beautiful and quite an inspiration 🙂

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