And the Countdown Begins….


I can’t believe it!!!  Our trip to Italy is in 5 days!!  We have had our airline tickets now for about 8 months and the trip always seemed light years away….but now, here it is!  And so is the panic – do I have everything I will need?  When at home, you never worry about these things because you have everything at your disposal.  But when you have to pack for a trip, you always try to make sure that you will be prepared for every single possibility and that can get very stressful and lead to LOTS of overpacking.  This goes for clothes as well as “emergency” items – bug bites, scrapes, blisters, sore throats, stomach problems, etc, etc.  Ugh!!!  These are the things that stress me out.  I want to be prepared for what ailments might come my way, but I also don’t want to bring the world with me. 

Which brings me to my other dilemma – SHOES!!!  One thing is for certain – I don’t like wearing closed shoes in summertime! But then what happens when it rains?  In California, we never have to worry about that – IT NEVER RAINS IN CALIFORNIA (remember the song?) – so I am always wearing sandals.  But even sandals are a dilemma.  I have walking sandals which are perfect for long walks, but unfortunately not very stylish.  Then I have low heeled stylish sandals which can be worn pretty much all day as long as I’m not doing any real major trekking.  And then I have to pack the even more stylish ones for an occasional evening out.  Oh no…but then what about the colors?  Well, that means I have to pack other sandals to go with my outfits.  And the list never ends!!  This is how I end up with WAY TOO MANY SHOES!!!!  And yes…I will have to pack a pair of sneakers, or something.  And that means socks!!!  Oh no…the list continues to grow. 

And I haven’t even gotten to my clothes yet!!!  Luckily, summertime clothes don’t take up much space, but then again, you need to be prepared for some inclement weather, too.  Which means a lightweight jacket of some sort which will look good with a variety of outfits, and a sweater for those nippy evenings.  Oh, and again, the colors have to match.  Yikes!  I see I have my work cut out for me this weekend – I will have to plan my outfits and make sure I have all the contingency plans worked out.  More dilemmas are surely to arise!  Am I alone in these worries, or does every woman go through these panic attacks before a trip?  (in case you’re wondering, but I am writing this at 3 am because I can’t sleep!!)

Oh, and by the way….  I AM ONLY DOING CARRYON!!!  Thank goodness the airline has a 40 lb. weight limit for carryon (and not 13 lbs like lots of international carriers!!!) 

Now this woman has it all – stylish clothes and shoes….AND CARRYON!  I want to be her 🙂

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  1. Oh Barbara! Enjoy your trip! I wish I was going…with you along too, sounds like you’d be a great tour guide! Have lots & lots of fun! Funny I am wearing a sparkly Italy shirt today! Travel safe!
    Love, Linda

  2. “Crisi calzature” – is SO true! I pack, unpack, ‘dry run’ wardrobe mix and match pieces, and never seem to have ‘the right’ combination for style & comfort during seasonal changes. So much mental energy goes into it. Good luck and have a great trip – a few Aperol Spritz on the other end will make it all better!

  3. Unfortunately, I’m the WORST packer in the world. My suitcase is called “la bestia viola,” so I won’t even try to give packing tips. Buon Viaggio! I hope we’ll get to hear about your trip here.

    • Thank you!!! I actually did it, and I am now sitting back and relaxing while my husband is packing 🙂 I will definitely have lots to write about after I get back. Thanks for visiting and nice to meet you 🙂 Ciao per ora!!

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