Chocolate Decadence in a Coffee Cup


Two years ago, on a cold, crisp January day in Laveno, along the beautiful shores of Lago Maggiore, I stepped into a bar for a cup of THE MOST DELICIOUS cup of hot chocolate I have ever had in my life!!  It was served in a coffee cup with a biscotti on the side to dip into it.  The chocolate was hot and so thick that it coated the biscotti as if it had been dipped in melted chocolate.  I had never tasted anything so sumptious in my life.   The hot chocolates I was used to were like hot chocolate milk – never so thick that a spoon could practically stand up in it.   After explaining to my relatives about this wondrous treat, they told me that there was an instant  version available in the supermarkets.  It is made by Cameo and it is called Ciobar.  I bought a box and brought it home so I could make this decadent dessert whenever I needed to have my chocolate fix.  Sadly, after almost 2 years, my supply is all gone 😦  I have tried to search for it online, but it is nowhere to be found.  What am I going to do?  Even though I didn’t have it very often (after all, a box of 12 lasted almost 2 years!), I knew that it was there if I had the craving!  Will I have to learn to make the real thing?  It may be a bit more time consuming, but it may be worth it!!  Wish me luck 🙂

Courtesy of my friend Kristen from Pazzo Per La Bella Lingua!  Thanks, Kristen 🙂

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  1. Lo conosco! Abbiamo bevuto l’anno scorsa a Reggello in Toscana. Era piovuto e faceva freddo e siamo andati in bici! Era delizioso!!

    • Francesco!!! Bello a vederti ancora…e mi piace il tuo nome italiano. Il mio nonno si chiamava Francesco 🙂

      Allora, ecco un modo per dirlo:
      Lo conosco! L’abbiamo bevuto l’anno scorso a Reggello in Toscana. Stava piovendo (it was raining) e faceva freddo (and it was cold) ed eraviamo in bici (and we were on bikes)! Era delizioso! Is that what you wanted to say?

  2. I admire your restraint. That box would’ve been gone much sooner in my house! :^) It sounds divine and I must remember to look for it next time I’m in Italy.

  3. OOPs, I see some mistakes in my reply. can you fix them for me? S/b Lo abbiamo and e piovuto. you may find some others!/ Back to Italian class!!

    • Come sei sempre gentile, Gabriele!!! Grazie – l’apprezzerei molto, ma non devi farlo per sdebitarti!!! Ti sei gia sdebitato con il tour e pranzo a Fidenza!!! Ma se non e troppo disturbo, mi piacerebbe molto 🙂 Ma solo se mi lasci mandarti i soldi per comprarlo e spedirlo 🙂 GRAZIE!!!

  4. I have one packet of an instant chocolate mix that a restaurant owner gave us when we were in Italy this year-it’s called Barcioc and I’m waiting for a cold and rainy day and then I’m going to indulge!

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