Off With Their Heads :(


This is actually quite sad, but some vandals have been decapitating and defacing many of the beautiful sculptures in the Villa Borghese park in Rome.  Despite 24 hour surveillance cameras, they have succeeded in removing heads and drawing mustaches on these precious works of art without being caught.  In some cases, the heads were found around the park and other times they were found far away (obviously stolen for possibly selling them on the black market).  It is a disgrace that people would resort to such acts of vandalism.  This park is one of the most visited in the world, with romantic paths and vistas at every turn.  It is there for everyone to enjoy.  There has been talk of replacing these outdoor sculptures with plastic ones, moving the real ones inside.  What has this world become?  Knowing that these statues have been there for such a long time, and having them now become so vandalized, makes me sad for the state of our society.  What about all those other priceless sculptures strewn around Rome for all to enjoy?  Will Piazza Navona, with it’s gorgeous Bernini sculpture, be replaced with a plastic mold?  Hmm…now that would be beautiful 😦  NOT!!!!


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