Another Sad Day for Italy’s Art and Antiquities


Before the Collapse

Early this morning, a great loss occured in the ancient city of Pompei:  the House of the Gladiators crumbled into a giant mound of rubble.  Gone are the many ancient frescoes depicting battles that graced the walls of this gymnasium where the gladiators trained and practiced.   Gone is this beautiful building that was a monument to the great Gladiators of Ancient Rome. 

Sadly, this loss probably could have been avoided if the proper care and attention was paid to this treasure of antiquity.  For years now, the state of Pompei’s archeological health has been greatly ignored, and the unfortunate demise of a treasure like the one we lost today is irreversible.  These ancient treasures can never be replaced, and there has to be something done to insure that more aren’t lost.  According to Giuseppe Napolitano, President of the Republic, its shameful for all of Italy that something like this has been allowed to happen.  “E` una vergogna per tutta l’Italia.”  Naples’ mayor, Claudio d’Alessio, concurs by saying that the disgrace of allowing the largest open-air museum to fall into such utter neglect is unexcusable. 

After this mornings destruction

Will this tragedy finally get the attention of the present administration to realize the importance of saving these priceless treasures – not only for the good of the entire world, but also for the good of Italy as a whole?  Tourists and history buffs flock to ruins like Pompei to get first-hand glimpses into the ancient world.  This, in turn, makes Italy that much more of a desired destination.   Could you imagine Italy without the Colisseum?  Please, please….let us strive to remember that these treasures of history are so extremely valuable that without them we would certainly be without some of the true wonders of the world.  And all the Ministers in the Italian government…please use your resources to save these priceless treaures!

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  1. Yes, it truly is. When I wrote this post, I had only seen this news in the Italian press. But just yesterday, it appeared in my local newspaper here in San Jose, CA. Hopefully, with this worldwide distribution of news about this devastating situation something positive can occur – whether it be an Italian only or a worldwide endeavor to save these precious treasures of antiquity. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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