Segreti della Mona Lisa


There’s been some talk lately about some “secret” codes that have been found within the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci!!  This painting has always had an aura about it, perplexing and captivating historians and artists alike.  It is believed to be the portrait of the wife of a wealthy merchant… or is it a self portrait of the master himself?  It was lost for years in the early part of 20th century, and then discovered under a mattress.  Time after time, the Mona Lisa never ceases to create some kind of news. 

Just recently, an Italian researcher has discovered 3 secret codes embedded in the eyes of the subject, and in the arch of the bridge in the background.   He claims that an “S” is located in the left eye, an “L” in the right eye, and “72” on the arch under the bridge.  These three secret codes are messages which he believes Leonardo Da Vinci put there to give clues to the painting’s model, age, and his own personal religious convictions.  He claims that Leonardo Da Vinci always hid clues in his work…like the “interpretations” of The Last Supper.  His genius was always playing games as evidenced by the backwards writing of his notes. 

These newly found symbols are not visible to the naked eye, and Silvano Vinceti, the researcher, performed his research on highly digitized images of the painting. 

His theories state the following:  The “S” stands for Sforza.  He believes that the model is not Lisa Gherardini, as always believed, but a member of Milan’s Sforza family.  Leonardo Da Vinci was employed under Ludovico Sforza and perhaps this painting was commissioned by him for a member of his family.  This would change the date that the painting was begun. 

The “L” stands for what else but Leonardo himself!!!  How boring….I would think that the great Leonardo would have thought of something a bit more intriguing to authenticate the painting!

And then finally the “72” stands for biblical references.  The “7” is an important number in both Judaic and Christian beliefs…for example, for the Creation!  The number “2” could be related to the duality of male and female. 

It seems to me that all this is open to speculation and interpretation.  If there really were secret symbols imbedded in the painting, what did Leonardo Da Vinci want to say with these?  You can imagine all the theories that will be forthcoming if it becomes indisputable that those symbols are really there. 

In the meantime, if you can get anywhere close to the Mona Lisa in the Louvre (despite all the crowds), you can try to look at all the speculations that this painting has created throughout the years or just purely enjoy that smile which has us all wondering what she is thinking about!

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