Oh, Silvio….You Should Be Very Worried



Sig. Berlusconi says he’s not worried about his upcoming indictment, but I think, this time, he is in for a big surprise.  Every time in the past when he has found himself in hot water for one scandal or another, he has been able to wiggle out of it.  His far-reaching influence (whether it be business or financially related) has been able to pull those all-powerful strings to get him out of trouble.  But his luck may have finally run out with this scandal! 

The problems stem from the scandal involving a Moroccan girl whom the media has nicknamed Ruby.  You can see my previous posts on Berlusconi\’s scandals and Rubygate for some history on this…but in a nutshell, he is facing two charges:  paying for sex with a minor, and using his influence to cover it up!!

Paying for sex with a prostitute is not a crime in Italy…but if that prostitute is a minor, watch out!!!  For this crime, he could get up to 5 years in prison.  But, ironically, the worst offense comes from his cover up of the scandal.  This is a severe charge, and it could actually hold more jail time for the convicted.  In reality, he will probably never serve the jail time because of his age, but his political career would be finished (along with his reputation).  His indictment will be on April 6th before three FEMALE judges.  Conan O’Brien joked last night that Berlusconi was high-fiving his lawyers telling them that “he had this one”.  I guess he thinks that he can   use his charms to woo the judges to his side (um, Silvio, have you looked in the mirror recently?  Surely your looks will not win you any prizes!!!).  In my opinion, having female judges will be a catastrophe for his case.  Females all over Italy are fed up with the Premier’s degrading view of women….and I’m sure these judges share those views!

Listening to the indictments against him

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  1. The manafestazione Sunday was fabulous – I’m glad to see women speak out. Politicians in this country disgust me enough (on both sides of the aisle), but this cat? This is one thing that we should be grateful would not be tolerated by our government, however sleazy.

  2. Hello Barbara,

    Great post, great blog!
    I love everything here around 🙂
    Such a passion for our country is rare to find even in those who still live here (I bet this is the reason why mr. Berlusconi was allowed to get there where he is now).
    I love what you do, both on the web and concerning your artistic creation, impressive!
    I’ll come back often… see you next time 🙂


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