God’s Spy – A Book Review


God’s Spy, the first novel by Juan Gomez-Jurado, is a fast moving and exciting read about a serial killer that is stalking the cardinals before the conclave to elect a new pope after the death of John Paul II. 

It’s setting is Vatican City at a time when thousands of faithfuls have gathered for the funeral of John Paul II. 

We know, early on, the identity of the killer, but trying to catch him before he strikes again is the key!  The Vatican secret police, as well as special investigators from Italian intelligence work together, while at times butting heads.   A special priest, trained by the CIA, is also dispatched to figure out the case.   The characters in the book are well described and exciting – they each have a story to tell!  The book ends abruptly, without answering all the questions that arose while reading the story.  Perhaps it was leaving the door open for a sequel!!

If you enjoyed Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, you will enjoy this thriller as well.

I have read this book as part of the Italy in Book Challenge 2011.

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