Old Italian Ceramic Treasure?


While traipsing around Abbott Kinney  in Venice, California last weekend, I found this ceramic treasure! 

It was sitting all alone on an outside shelf, just waiting for me to find it.  It caught my eye immediately…and I knew I had to have it.  The rich burnt yellow color and rustic texture was just what I was searching for to put on my window sill in my Italian kitchen.  

There was no price tag on the piece…and upon closer inspection, I noticed that it had some fine cracks in the glaze.  It was not perfect….but, that gave it the charm that so attracted me.  What kind of piece was it?  Where was it from?  Is it old?

I approached the owner of the store – obviously someone who loves old Italian and French things because her store was full of them – and asked about the piece.  It’s OLD…It’s ITALIAN…and it’s only $75!  Hmm…$75 seemed a bit steep to me, but knowing that Vietri pieces (which look like this) can go for LOTS more, I decided to take a gamble on it and buy it.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if any of the information she told me is accurate – the piece is not marked and I have no way of authenticating it!  But, irregardless, I LOVE it so I guess it’s a treasure…no matter what!

PS – Does anyone have any information on pieces like this?

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  1. i really like it too, and i can usually pick out a fake from a mile away. but the art of forgery evolves too, so i’m careful not to make any declarations these days. regardless, you got a very nice piece for a very good price. congrats!

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