I Fiori d’amore – La Calla


Just recently, I read an article in Donna Moderna regarding the significance of the flowers of love and I thought it would be fun to share these little insights with you 🙂  I have copied the original wording in Italian, and have translated below!   I will post the various flowers periodically over time, so check back frequently for your favorite flower 🙂 

Con la sua eleganza essenziale e la sua forza delicata, la calla non poteva che esprimere la più profonda ammirazione per il fascino femminile . In altre parole, se un uomo ti regala una calla, e silenzioso attende una tua reazione, sappi che vuol dire all’incirca “come sei bella!”. Quindi, inizia a sorridere!

With its essential elegance and its delicate force, the calla cannot but express the most profound admiration for feminine charm.  In other words, if a man gives you a calla, and silently waits for your reaction, know that he is trying to say in a roundabout way “How beautiful you are”! Therefore begin to smile!

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