Il Garofano….The Carnation….As a Flower of Love


To continue with my “Flowers of Love” series….

Semplice e allegro, il garofano è un fiore che nasce spontaneamente, e che con altrettanta spontaneità comunica diversi messaggi d’amore (o dis-amore…) alla donna che lo riceve in dono, a seconda dei colori. Un garofano bianco esprime il candore di un amore puro, quello rosa significa che sei nel suo cuore e non potrà dimenticarti… ma se è giallo significa che lui è un po’ deluso, e se poi il garofano è rosso, che è un po’ arrabbiato. Se te ne regala un mazzo variegato… allora per lui sei davvero tutto!


Simple and happy, the carnation is a flower that is born spontaneously, and with more spontaneity, it communicates different messages of love (or un-love) to the woman that receives one as a gift…depending on the color.  A white carnation expresses the candor of pure love…a pink one signifies that you are in his heart and he cannot forget you…but if it is yellow it means that he is a bit disappointed….and if it is red, he is a bit angry!  If he gives you a variegated bouquet…then you are everything to him!

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  1. Several Pedrolis are buried at the cemetery in Ispra. Does your family know the name of the community Ispra cemetery. Enrico Pedroli and his wife Chiara, and maybe father Guiseppi Pedroli are buried in Ispra, Italy which is mentioned here.

    • Hello Dr. Cook,
      I spoke to my mom today and she said that the name Pedroli was familiar to her from when she lived in Ispra many years ago. How do you know the Pedroli’s? The name of the cemetary in Ispra is simply known as Cimitero Comunale di Ispra. It is located on Via Milano. I hope this helps. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you soon.

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