Un Cuore Con Le Ali…and Some Deep Reflections


This beautiful song by Eros Ramazzotti evokes various responses in me whenever I hear it.  The music, as always, is mesmerizing and artistically pleasing to the ear, but it’s the lyrics of this song that trigger my inner reflections.  I am instantly transported to Italy with  ci si trova in compagnia, sotto i portici del centro, alle uscite del metrò (We find each other, under the porticos of the city center, at the exits of the metro)…the old porticos of the ancient cities with the modern metro…it is so descriptive that I can easily picture myself in that same scene.

This song has a deeper message, though….it is a social commentary on Eros’ view of Italy’s youth culture back in 1985 (when the song was released).  He seems to be saying that the youth felt bored and trapped – they wanted to do so much and had desires to fly, but they weren’t capable of achieving those goals.  I’d be curious to understand why and what was holding them back…was it a stab at the government or the state of the Italian economy?  And would this song be pertinent in today’s world?  Perhaps someone from Italy can clue me in…but the song has a sad and desperate tone about it.  What do you think?

quando il cielo si fa scuro
e la notte cade giù
come intonaco dai muri
ci si trova in compagnia
sotto i portici del centro
alle uscite del metrò
per guardarci dentro
e parlare un pò…

ci hanno detto a muso duro
che per camminare soli
noi non siamo ancor maturi
e che siamo tutti uguali
ma un cuore con le ali
ce l’abbiamo solo noi
e nessuno sa
che presto volerà…

cosa si fa
cosa si fa questa sera
dove si va
dove si va fuori un’idea
prima che ci soffochi la noia…
cosa si fa, dove si va
questa sera…

per adesso si comincia
a girare la città
fino in fondo alla provincia
per i viali e per le piazze
a chiamare le ragazze
che ci aspettano di già
per vedere fuori
l’alba a colori…

che nessuno ha preparato
come il mondo che ci han dato
senza domandarci niente
è per questo che i pensieri
così grandi, così seri
ce li abbiamo anche noi
e nessuno sa
che fatica è…

fuori di te
fuori di te, fuori di testa
che gente è
che vita è e quanto ne resta
quella che vogliamo
non è questa
la carità, finta pietà
nessuno l’ha chiesta…


When the sky gets dark

And the night falls down

like plaster from the walls,

we find each other

under the porticos of the center

at the exits of the metro

to look within

and talk a bit…

They told us, with a stern face,

that to walk alone

we are not yet ready

and that we are all the same;

but a heart with wings

we are the only ones to have it

and nobody knows

that soon it will fly…

What are we going to do?

What are we going to do tonight?

Where are we going to go?

Where are we going to go…let’s have some ideas

before we suffocate from boredom…

What are we going to do, where are we going to go


for now, we’ll start

by wandering the city

until the end of the province,

through the alleys and in the piazzas,

calling the girls

that have been waiting for us for a while now

to see outside the dawn and the colors…

Nobody prepared

the world that was given to us

Nobody asked us anything

and for this reason, the worries

so big, so serious

we have them, too

and no one knows

what hardship it is…

Outside of yourself,

Outside of yourself, out of your mind

What kind of people are there,

What kind of life is it and what remains

The life we want

Is not this one.

The charity, the false pity

No one asked for it….

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  1. Wow! This cold have been written by a college grad today! While our kids were lucky to find jobs after graduating from college, so many have not. The song seems to tell the story: Students in college told to dream big, follow your dreams, ‘take flight’ but then as the song says “Nobody prepared the world that was given to us” – nobody could have predicted the current economic state or told recent college grads that they may not be able to follow their dreams – “the worries, so big, so serious, nobody knows we have them too” and that now people feel for them, all done with all that hard work and no jobs “What kind of life is it and what remains – The life we want is not this one” and people feel sorry for them “The charity, the false pity, No one asked for it – the life we want is not this one” – Don’t know much about Italian history but as they say “History Repeats Itself” – Heavy!!

    • Wow, this is so true and so insightful of you to pick up on it. Great response! I guess the whole world really shares these common problems…and the youth need to follow their dreams even though they may not come true right away. I hate to hear stories of desperation, but I can see how they can easily resort to it. Thanks, Susan, for your response.

  2. No deep thoughts here from me – but have been listening to Eros’s “9” CD all week – he’s the master of moving & deep lyrics sung with conviction – he pulls you right into the mood he’s trying to convey with his music. Oh – and he’s sexy as hell (see – not so deep.) But I also wanted to tell you the birth certificates of my bisnonni have arrived from Italy & I should have them next week – because of you I’m one step closer to my Italian citizenship. Grazie tanto, Barbara!

    • No deep thoughts needed when we are speaking of Eros!!! And yes, he is pretty attractive….you know, he grew on me. At first, I didn’t think he was so cute, but I have since changed my mind 😉 I am SO excited for you and your citizenship quest! That is so great – anytime you need any information, please let me know. What citizenship office are you going to be dealing with? If it is SF, they have a new citizenship person and he is SO much better than the last one 🙂 She was a miserable person who made you feel guilty asking for something that was your right to have! Geesh! In boca al lupo, Valeria, per la tua cittadinanza 🙂

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