The Art of Majolica Painting….and Me :)


Majolica painting in Deruta  Spring City, UT this past weekend!  What an experience it was!  Gina from Art and Alfalfa was my teacher – and what an inspiration she is.  Gina studied with the great masters in Deruta and is an expert in the art of majolica!  Her home, which she and her husband built, sits on a large alfalfa farm…and it looks just like a Palladian villa in Italy!  Stepping into her home, you feel like you have been transported across the Atlantic Ocean!

My lessons with Gina began with learning the necessary brush strokes and the use of liner brushes.  We progressed to transferring patterns to bisque, and then using pigments to color in the design.  I learned techniques to create depth, shadow, and even age, to the design. I also learned ways to use the tools I already had at my disposal when I do my cuerda seca tiles! 

During my all day lesson, I created five beautiful tiles (even if I do say so myself) and two bowls!  I cannot wait to see the finished products after they have been fired in the kiln!  Thanks to Gina for her wonderful guidance – and thanks for all the hospitality 🙂

Here are some pictures of my unfired pieces.  I will follow up with pictures of the finished product 🙂

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    • Hi Barbara, You were a great student. Your finished tiles look great. I hope you have been painting. I expect to see a post showing us your Maiolica.
      Cheers, Gina

      • Hi Gina, Thank you for your compliment!!! I hope to be able to do some painting once the summer is over! We have been gone almost every weekend this summer – that’s good, but it really eats into my creative time!! I hope you are having a wonderful summer 🙂 Barbara

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