Blood Sisters…A Book Review


Blood Sisters is the first novel by Italian auther, Alessandro Perissinotto, that has been translated into English.  It follows the pseudo-detective, Anna Pavesi, and her search for a missing person around the Milan/Bergamo area.  Anna is a psychologist and not a real detective, but she has developed a reputation for being able to find missing people.  One day she is approached by a wealthy aristocrat, Benedetta, to find the body of her half sister (whom she doesn’t even know) that is missing.  She knew that her sister had been killed in a car accident, but the body has mysteriously gone missing.  At first, Anna doesn’t want to take the job, but because she has just become recently divorced and needs the money, she agrees.  Little by little, Anna finds herself deeply engrossed  in the mystery and, as she gets more involved, her life becomes endangered.

Upper Bergamo, where Anna lives, shrouded in fog

The book’s ending has a surprising twist and I couldn’t help thinking to myself that there would be a sequel – there were lots of loose ends still to be explored!

The book is fast paced and fun to read.  The characters are well developed and the plot keeps you hooked.  There is plenty of adventure, suspense and even romance.  I can highly recommend this novel.  I read this book as part of the Italy in Books Challenge 2011.

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  1. in dialetto locale Bergamo è divisa in “Berghem de hura “(Bergamo di sopra) e “Berghem de hòta” (bergamo bassa) e mi si dice sia anche una bella città.
    Questo libro mi incuriosisce per cui lo cercherò in libreria; grazie per la segnalazione 🙂

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