The Verdict is In…but Was Justice Served?


Amanda Knox’ fate was decided earlier this week…and, luckily for her, she was found to be innocent!  She spent 4 years in an Italian prison, accused of killing her British roommate while they were both studying in Perugia, Italy.

This case has brought tons of media coverage, both in Italy and throughout the world.  The story has become sensationalized, and the media has loved covering it.  And why wouldn’t they?  A beautiful American girl accused of killing another beautiful girl in a sexual game gone wrong – this story had everything to  make it exciting!  It even involved a black man from the Ivory Coast to add to the mix!

Unfortunately, since the beginning, there were too many questions raised about the evidence and it’s unreliability. And, of course, Amanda’s lawyers ran with this.  They used this to base their defense…and it finally worked to Amanda’s benefit.

But the question still remains: Was Amanda involved with the death of her roommate?

I have an opinion on this – and whether it’s right or wrong, I cannot judge – but it’s just my gut feeling.  I’m sure there will be arguments on both sides, but this is my feeling:  I believe that Amanda was involved.  I don’t believe it was a pre-meditated act, but I feel that she was high on drugs at the time and got involved in a sexual game.  Perhaps they were all high on drugs and during the course of “play”, things got out of hand and poor Meredith became the victim.

I think it’s a shame that Meredith’s parents cannot get closure on their daughter’s senseless death.  I haven’t heard if the investigation into finding her killer will begin again, but I’m not sure how they will without any reliable evidence.  Perhaps they will turn their attention to the prisoner they already have behind bars and pin the entire murder conviction on him.

Meanwhile, Amanda is free and back home in Seattle.  It will be interesting to see how her life will progress from now on, but I’m hoping that if she is truly guilty, her conscience will prevail and she will confess. And,  if she is really innocent, then I hope that she has learned from her ordeal and will use it to benefit others.

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  1. Ben detto. Sono anche i miei sentimenti / Well said. These are my same sentiments. With out all the evidence it is difficult to judge, but it is also my gut reaction as well that that she was involved on some level and drugs played a big part. We can only hope that during past 4 years she and Raffaele have matured and learned from previous mistakes. Difficult to say, but if there is not enough evidence, better to let the guilty go free than keep the innocent incarcerated.

  2. Thank you. I think alot people feel the same way. I just feel horrible for Meredith’s family – everyone seems to be able to go on with their lives, meanwhile they have lost a daughter. 😦

  3. Hai scritto esattamente quello che penso anche io; mi sento di aggiungere che le pressioni internazionali non giovano all’immagine degli imputato come innocenti.
    Sono in mano alla loro coscienza…

    • Speriamo che la coscienza gli fa fare quello giusto….se no, devano aver paura della karma! Speriamo che sono, in fatti, innocenti, perche se no, dovranno vivere con la coscienza sporca per tutta la vita…

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