Enchanted April


Thanks to my friend Vicky from Spirit of Italy Tours for telling me about this endearing movie about….what else…ITALY!  The story takes place during the 1920’s, when a group of four women from London decide to rent a villa (or castle, as they call it) along the Italian Riviera for a month.  The ladies do not know each other prior to their trip, but their differences become inconsequential after a few weeks together.  It is the story of Lottie – a kind- hearted woman who is always trying to please her husband without receiving any appreciation in return; Rose – the “disappointed madonna,” as her husband calls her; Caroline – the young, rich beauty that is tired of being the object of men’s attentions solely because she is wealthy and beautiful; and Mrs. Fisher – an older widow who lives in the past remembering her famous dead friends.

The story begins when Lottie finds an ad in the paper advertising a one month stay in an Italian castle and decides she needs to get away for awhile.  She, in turn, puts out an ad advertising for some travelling companions.  The four women meet each other in San Salvatore in a gorgeous villa overlooking the sea.  The place is so beautiful and this idyllic location inspires each of the women to look within to find themselves.  The end result is that each of the women finds her own happiness from their personal experience here.  The movie touches on several themes:  love, self esteem, and inner reflection.

This film is definitely a “chick flick”…but a charming one at that.  It has a wonderful moral:  Go to Italy and all your problems will be solved!!!  Perhaps the Italian Tourist bureau should use this film as a good form of propaganda for an Italian Holiday!

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  1. Barbara, You beautifully described this “enchanting” and beautifully crafted film. I too loved the way each woman finds themselves after spending time in the breathtaking Italian countryside overlooking the sea. And, yes, you’re totally right, this film would be a great promotional piece for the Italian Government Tourist Bureau! 🙂

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