Attack of the Cruise Ship


Courtesy of Alamy

Having experienced this sight first hand, I can say that it is very disconcerting to see this gigantic cruise ship come so close to the shores of Venice, dwarfing the old buildings.  It literally looks like a giant invading the city!

The amount of cruise ships visiting Venice has increased significantly over the last decade.  This is great for the economy of the city, bringing in more that 1.5 million tourists annually.  But the concerns for the erosion caused by the waves these giant boats create are more pressing.  There is a fear that the waves could undermine the foundations of the city, causing even more damage than is already present.

The mayor of Venice, Giorgio Orsoni, is meeting with the city’s port authority to find another site for the ships to dock.  One such place is Porto Marghera on the mainland.  Even if the boats dock at this farther off port, I don’t believe it will impact the number of tourists that will still visit the city.

I hope that they come to a decision to move the present port of Venice as an additional aid in preserving this World Heritage site.

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