Snow….Snow…and More Snow!


Italy, and a lot of Europe, has been covered in record snowfall this year.  Pictures and pictures of famous sites covered in snow have been appearing all over the media.  Rome received a record amount of snow – the most they’ve gotten in over 26 years!  The Cinque Terre has been a winter wonderland – the beauty of the white snow surrounded by the warm sepia toned houses perched on the hills has been better than a postcard!  But, as I recall, the January I spent in Italy in 2009 brought with it more snow than they had had in over 20 years.  I think that was the beginning of the new winter trend – snow, snow…and more snow.

Scenes along the Shores of Lago Maggiore

The Duomo with its “Snow” Frosting 

….and the Castello Sforzesco

Snow covered Santa Maria delle Grazie 

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  1. Beautiful pictures! My dear friends, the Falcioni’s, who live in the hills of Tuscany in a small town called Cavriglia (the one’s with the grove of olive trees where we’ll be picking olives on my tour) mentioned that they were basically home bound for several days and the kids off from school for at least 3 days because of the snow…

    • I have heard this from so many others, as well. Life has stopped for a little bit because they aren’t quite used to all this snow! Just as long as everyone remains safe, the panorama the snow is creating all over Italy is spectacular!

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