McDonald’s Leaving Milan’s Vittorio Emanuele Gallery Location!


After 20 years in their prime location inside the swanky Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, McDonald’s will be closing its door…just to be replaced with a Prada store!  One will no longer be able to get their favorite McItaly and Fries fix so close to the Duomo and Via Montenapoleone.

Frankly, I’ve always thought it was an odd location for a fast food restaurant, and would have much preferred to see an Italian cafe in its place.  But, evidently it was hugely successful for the mega-giant McDonald’s (to the tune of 60 million Euros per year!!) and they are putting up a giant stink by slapping the city of Milan with a whopping 24 million Euro lawsuit of “unfairness”!

Despite their fight with the city, McDonald’s did not want to leave their customers with a bitter taste in their mouth so they treated everyone to free burgers, fries and drinks on their last day.  According to Paolo Mereghetti, head of communication at McDonald’s in Italy, they wanted to “say goodbye to the Galleria with a smile.”

What do you think about the loss of McDonald’s at this popular tourist and shopping destination?

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  1. Ne aprirono uno in centro anche a Parma, parecchi anni fa, almeno una ventina, e credo che fosse un’altra catena fast-food; durò un mese.
    Poi ne aprirono un altro, sempre fast-food, solito locale, sempre in centro; durò un altro mese.
    Adesso c’è un Mc Donald, forse anche un altro, all’estrema periferia della città e sta andando avanti da qualche anno.
    Personalmente detesto le catene fast-food e non capisco perché dovrei mangiare male, o comunque peggio di quando sono a casa, le volte che mangio fuori… ma è anche vero che, per alcuni aspetti, sono tremendamente provinciale e preferisco che sia così 🙂

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