Cosa ti Porta il Babbo Natale?


What will Santa bring you?  Children the world over are being extra good because they know that Santa is watching!  It used to be that in Italy only il Gesu` Bambino (the baby Jesus) would bring the gifts on Christmas Day to the good girls and boys.  But, like so many holiday traditions that grow with the  times, another gift giver has come into the mix – il Babbo Natale (Santa Claus!)  Italian children even send letters to Babbo Natale to his home in Finlandia.


There’s even a PDF version to fill out and send:  Caro Babbo Natale.

So does that mean that kids in Italy get double the presents?  Hmm….I never thought of that!

The story of Italy’s Babbo Natale is pretty similar to ours – he comes from the North Pole and flies his sleigh packed with presents, headed by his fleet of reindeer, to the homes of the good children all over the world to bring gifts. Instead of calling his reindeers Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen he is using their Italian names of  Fulmine, Ballerina, Donnola, Freccia, Cometa, Cupido, Saltarello, and Donato!  And instead of coming down the chimney laden with his sack of toys, he climbs up the balconies and comes in through the window.


Here’s wishing everyone a Buon Natale and a hope that Babbo Natale (and the Gesu` Bambino) bring you everything your heart desires!

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  1. Una volta i doni erano portati da Gesù bambino, poi pare abbia delegato a Babbo Natale; in alcune regioni d’Italia, tra cui la mia, i regali, però, si ricevono solo per Santa Lucia… un po’ prima di Natale, anche se, di recente, si fanno doppi regali (uno per Santa Lucia e uno a Natale).

    Buon Natale 🙂

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