A Summer in Tuscany – a book review



Elizabeth Adler has done it once more with her fun summer reading book, A Summer in Tuscany! Even though her stories are pretty predictable and the plot isn’t too complicated, this doesn’t detract one bit from their enjoyment! She is a master of portraying the scenery and “feeling” of the locations in which her books take place. She romanticizes the locations, but having been to many of them, she seems to be reading my inner thoughts and how they make me feel inside when I am there. She has the words that I don’t have to describe the locations – not only physically but emotionally.


A Summer in Tuscany follows the story of awkward Gemma Jericho, an emergency room physician from New York City and her journey to the small Tuscan town of Bella Piacere with her mother (Nonna) and her daughter after they find out that Nonna has become the heiress to the Villa Bella Piacere. Nonna had left the town when she was 13 but arrives back to find that many of her childhood friends still live there and remember her with great affection. Their meanderings into the town and the surrounding countryside are so typical of life in those tiny little towns.


Gemma meets handsome and rich Ben Rafael and sparks fly between them – both good and bad! At first, they are enemies because of the Villa Bella Piacere due to a “slight” question of ownership! Ben had bought the villa by a lawyer claiming to be the old Count’s lawyer after heirs could not be found, meanwhile Nonna was told the villa was left to her family by the Count himself. The quest to find the real will leads them all over Tuscany and Rome…and eventually to love between Gemma and Ben! Their travels also take them to the gorgeous cliff town of Positano where we are treated to beautiful visual sights through Elizabeth Adler’s words!


The book actually had me laughing out loud at Gemma’s clumsiness because we’ve all been there with her trips and falls and running into walls when trying to be “cool”! This book is truly fun through and through and I would highly recommend it for a read that touches you inside with the warmth that is Italy.

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  1. c’erano un po’ di suoi libri in vendita, in offerta, e li ho presi; prossimamente ne leggerò qualcuno… devo solo riattivare un paio di neuroni :asd:

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