Can This Be For Real?


I can’t quite understand how an older gentleman (76), and not a very attractive one at that, like Silvio Berlusconi can always get beautiful women to fall in love with him.  He must have some sort of charisma which lures these beauties to him which is a complete mystery to me.  In an interview published today in Italy’s Vanity Fair is the story of his latest love, Francesca Pascale (28), and her claim that SHE made HIM fall in love with her!


She courted him until he relented!  Why on earth did she go for him, when she could probably have any other man in the world?  He may be successful financially and politically (even though lately his political career leaves something to be desired), but I’m sure there are other men out there who have the same characteristics and who are much more suited to her young age.  So why him?  I can’t figure it out.

Francesca claims that she had her sights on “B”, as she calls him, back when she was 18 years old while she was working for his political party.  She decided back then that she was going to pursue him and she succeeded in 2009 to make him notice her.  At that time, she said that he told her to forget about it because he couldn’t give her the future she deserved.  Needless to say, neither one of them heeded that advice, and in 2011 he presented her with a diamond ring.  They have been an item ever since and she hopes that they will marry soon.


She has been right by his side as he has gone through some of the most trying times of his life defending allegations of tax fraud and sex with a minor.  She defiantly defends him saying, “My president isn’t a saint, but he is absolutely unable to treat women like objects.”

I wonder how her parents feel about this relationship since he is probably older than her father!

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