A Tragedy Narrowly Avoided


Hijacking?  Maybe ransom?  Mamma mia, who was the victim this time?  Well, it wasn’t really a “who” but a “what” this time.  And what is so precious to so many the world over that there is a huge black market trade on it?  NUTELLA, of course!



That’s right – a truck filled with over 200,000 Euros worth of Nutella was hijacked off the A1 Autostrada near Rome.  The driver was beaten and the thieves took off with the loot.  Fortunately, another truck driver witnessed the heist and called the authorities who chased down the thieves and recovered the precious Nutella.  If this had been successful, it would have been the biggest Nutella heist in history (the other being a 15,000 Euro theft that occurred in Germany a few months back).  Whew…we’ve been saved!


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