Cooking with Designer Mushrooms


One can always find some new and interesting foods at Costco..and it’s good to grab them once you see them as they may not be available when you return. Therefore, when I saw the “specialty pack” of fresh mushrooms grown by Mycopia, I knew I had to get them for a new dining experiment! The mushrooms included in the pack were: Nebrodini Bianchi, Velvet Pioppini, and Forest Nameko.


As in all my cooking experiments, I always retreat back to my comfort zone: Italian cooking!

So I heated some olive oil and sauteed some garlic. Once the garlic was golden, I added the mushrooms and continued to saute until they became tender. I added some cooked and sliced Italian sausage. Towards the end, I added some white wine and reduced it a bit, and finished it with some salt, pepper, and chopped fresh parsley.


I served this concoction over some polenta and sprinkled the finished product with some grated Parmesan cheese. Voila!

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  1. I love it when they carry eringi mushrooms at the store so I know where you’re coming from. Sure wish they would expand to fresh shiitake and those huge portobello ‘shrooms that I could get back in the states. They are excellent on the grill!

    • You are so lucky!!! Do you dry them? My dad used to forage for mushrooms here in California, and some years he would find lots of porcini’s! I wonder why no one sells them here, though. People, mostly Italians, will go out looking for them but they keep the places that they find them top secret!

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