The World Has One More Italian Citizen




After 2 1/2 years of waiting patiently for my husband to get his Italian citizenship through marriage, the wait is finally over!  He received his decree from the Ministero dell’Interno announcing that he was granted Italian citizenship!

We were invited to participate in the swearing in ceremony this past Friday, along with 5 other lucky and worthy new citizens at the Italian Consulate in San Francisco,  We were ushered upstairs after hours to a beautiful room in the magnificent mansion in Pacific Heights which houses the Consulate.


There we were greeted by the Consul General himself, Mr. Mauro Battochi.  He welcomed all the new citizens and read an official decree conferring Italian citizenship to them.  He indicated that Italy now had about 60,000,000 citizens worldwide!  After that, they all had to swear their allegiance with this oath:

Giuro di essere fedele alla Repubblica Italiana ed al suo capo e di osservare lealmente le leggi dello stato.

I swear to be faithful to the Italian Republic and it’s head and to faithfully observe the laws of the State.

Luckily for all of them, they read it as a group and no one was singled out for trying to say and pronounce it solo!

Following this little official swearing in, each new citizen signed some more official papers and then we all celebrated with a prosecco toast!  Everyone we met was so nice and happy to be new citizens of beautiful Italy!

My husband’s citizenship has now completed my little family’s dual citizenship status, and I couldn’t be more proud of the two great nations that we are now part of!


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  1. My daughter was jealous, too, that she didn’t have a ceremony when she got her dual citizenship..but then I told her, and your sons are probably in the same boat, that she was “born” an Italian citizen whereas my husband had to “earn” his by being married to me!

    We live in the SF Bay Area – the SF Italian consulate serves a huge area and I’m very thankful that I don’t need to make extended travel plans in order to visit it when I need to!

  2. Hi – Thanks for your blog – very helpful. I received my letter regarding the swearing in (Philadelphia), did you call them to do the swearing in and what did you need to bring? Looks like I pay to pay $19.25. Does that sound right? Thanks!

    • Congratulations! We used the consulate in San Francisco and they had a group swearing in ceremony. They gave us a choice of 2 dates to choose from. I don’t remember having to bring anything, nor did we have to pay for anything other than the passport fee (about $100). Maybe the $19.25 is to help with the cost of refreshments? They offered us some prosecco 🙂 Let me know how it goes!

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