Motorcycle “Papa”


Pope Francis is well known for his simplicity – he tends to forgo the pomp and circumstance normally awarded to the head of the Roman Catholic Church.  He’s been known to take public transportation while he was a cardinal in Buenos Aires, and I’m sure he also walked and rode a bike.  So when the head of Harley Davidson gave him a brand new Harley Dyna Super Glide in June, perhaps he was hoping that the Pope would zip around Rome attending to his business on his new bike.  I’m sure Francis would have probably loved to use this bike, but for his safety, I’m sure that his people probably advised him against it.  But a little ride around Piazza San Pietro he might have indulged in (somehow, I think this photo may have been photoshopped, but who knows – maybe it’s real?)!


After this little “ride”, the Pope decided, that sadly, he couldn’t keep the Harley.  Instead, he put it up for auction, with the proceeds going to help the poor in Rome at the soup kitchen near the Termini railway station.  The autographed bike and leather jacket, on which he simply signed “Francesco”, were sold at auction for 241,000 and 57,500 Euros respectively!  A pretty good markup on a motorcycle usually going for 20 times less!  At least, the proceeds are going for a good cause even though it would have been quite a delight seeing Pope Francis ride it around Rome!

pope's harley


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