Juliet – A Book Review



I just finished reading this very enjoyable novel by Anne Fortier.  It’s long, but it keeps you hooked the whole way.  It switches back and forth between present day and the “real” story of Romeo & Juliet which dates back to the mid 1300’s.  According to legend, Romeo & Juliet lived in Siena, and not in Verona, so the story takes place there!

Modern day Julie goes back to Siena after her aunt dies to  uncover the mystery surrounding her parents’ deaths and also to find a missing treasure.  She finds manuscripts written in code, and meets up with descendants of the warring families involved with Romeo and Juliet ‘s sad saga.  Those she meets believes that she is the direct descendant of Juliet.  With this, comes danger as well.  Someone is out to get her and steal away the treasures that she is finding.  She doesn’t know whom she can trust, even though she is starting to fall for the handsome Alessandro.

The story takes lots of twists and turns, but it finally comes together at the end.  We are just as confused as to who the good guys are, and it’s interesting to read this new tale of Romeo and Juliet.


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