Air Travel Turns Glamourous Once Again


What do you get when you combine the wow of Italian style to the glamour of air travel in the 1960’s? Voila!


And boy, is it something – I can only imagine how much fun it must be to wear these adorable (and so stylish) outfits while working! It’s like playing dress up every day!

“Made of Italy”, Alitalia’s new campaign slogan, is truly all about Italy! It’s been busy  reviving its image – and after its merge with Etihad – it has lots of capital to do it! They have re-vamped the food, the coffee, the fragrances, and even the chair design to reflect everything Italian. And these new uniforms are the face of that change.

Ettore Bilotta, a Milan high fashion designer, is to be credited with the new fashions.


“Being given the opportunity to design the new uniforms for this much loved Italian symbol was very exciting and gave me the opportunity to create a special collection which symbolizes Italy and our pride in Alitalia as its ambassador to the world. Alitalia is one of the most recognized arline brands in the world and I had to deliver something truly special. Working closely with Alitalia on every aspect of the design process was crucial. This ensured the whole project was created, managed and completed in Italy by Italians, and to showcase the arts, culture, people, design and landscapes of this great country.” He chose the fabrics from Tuscany and the silk from Como – but the best part is that everything is that he chose to manufactured everything within Italy! The uniforms are made in Puglia, the leather gloves and purses in Naples, and the shoes from Le Marche! How nice to keep everything in Italy, like it should be! Even his inspiration for the design of the hats was inspired by the terraces of the Cinque Terre !

Cramer Ball, Alitalia’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are introducing a new look which captures the spirit of Alitalia today as it continues on its journey of renewal and growth. In doing so, we also celebrate its illustrious 70 year history. Our aim was to create a stylish collection which would represent Italian excellence around the world. This is a country at the forefront of global style and design. The new uniforms complement the renaissance of the Alitalia brand and the rejuvenation of its aircraft fleet and products for its customers.”

In boca al lupo, Alitalia! We can’t wait to see the changes this July!



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    • That’s funny because I felt the same way! I think a nice pair of skin colored hose would be more elegant…and more true to the 60’s look ( especially if they had to wear garter blts to hold them up!) Hopefully they won’t have to go that far!

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