Changes in the Marriage Vow



It was publicized last week that “fidelity” will no longer be part of the Italian marriage vow…couples will no longer  need to promise to be “faithful until death do us part.” Let’s be honest, infidelity has been rampant in Italy for many years – mainly on the man’s part, but many times also on the wife’s side. There is a total double standard, though, when it comes to cheating – men are forgiven a lot easier than women. I guess society (and men) accept that desirable men have mistresses!  But for a  women, this is frowned upon!. According to the law, infidelity in women can lead to illegitimacy – and this can disrupt the family! After all, a man may not know if a resulting child is his if his wife’s been cheating on him! Wow….I never realized that all this legal thought went into that little phrase. For whatever reason, though, they have now decided to abolish it entirely from the marriage ceremony. What do you think?

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    • I think that sometimes it’s only to give legitimacy to the children – but I’m finding that lately that doesn’t matter any more, either. Different times, I guess! I think I’m still old-fashioned….

  1. I think it is a sad turn of events that the promise to honor each other with fidelity is losing favor. I think we should aspire to fidelity. The reason to bother with marriage is to celebrate a relationship with commitment to each other and as part of a community. Many studies show that married people are healthier and live longer. Bad marriages are another matter, but that does not negate the value of the institution. Marriage creates more stable communities. My two cents!!

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