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Italy Book Challenge 2011


I LOVE reading books set in Italy.  I especially enjoy historical fiction, and the Renaissance is one of my favorite periods.  But, really, all stories set in my beautiful country are attractive to me.  Even though most of the books I read are fiction, their factual accounts of places and events in Italy teach me so much about Italy’s history, culture, people, and places.  It makes me relive those places to which I’ve been, and to dream about the others yet to be discovered.  That’s why when I heard about Book after Book’s Italy Book Challenge 2011, I knew I had to participate.  First of all, I think it’s a great resource to discover new titles to read.  Secondly, it’s fun to read reviews by others who also enjoy reading books about Italy!

The “challenge” runs the entire year, and the goal is to read one novel about Italy every month, and then to review it.  There is the possibility of winning a prize, too!  If you are interested in joining the challenge, you can join Book after Book’s Italy Book Challenge 2011.

Can’t wait to read my first new book about Italy….stay tuned!

Un Altro Premio…e questo per Stile!


Allora, Valerie da Living Out of the Box mi ha fatto un altro dono con il premio Style Blogger Award!!!  Non so` cosa dire….non ci sono parole per esprimere come sono stata contenta a ricevere questi complimenti.  Grazie, cara Valerie, per questi onori!!!  Forse ti sei ricordata del mio post che trattava del stile Italiano e com’e` importante per gli italiani a fare la bella figura (Fare La Bella Figura)? 

Per ricevere questo premio, devo ancora rivelare dei segreti, ma siccome gli ho gia` rivelati sul post precedente, non ho nient’altro d’aggiungere altro che dire che uno dei peccati piu` grosso della mia vita e` stato di non insegnare alla mie figlie come parlare l’italiano 😦  Sono stata pigra quando erano piccole e non capivo l’importanza d’imparare un’altra lingua.  Se potrei rifare una cosa, sarebbe proprio questa.  Scusatemi, care figlie, per la mia pigrezza 😦

Con questo premio, vorrei condiverlo con ancora degli altri che, per me, hanno un bel stile con i loro blog.

French Kissed e` uno di quei blogs che ti da tanta inspirazione per rifare tutta la casa!!! 

Bardot in Blue per la sua vita a Parigi!  Non c’e niente piu` “chic” che vivere in quella bellisima citta`!

Polideuce per le sue foto che fa quando esce “fuori delle porte”!!  Hanno un stile meraviglioso e cattura l’essenza del paessaggio, castello, chiesa…qualsiasi cosa che scatta!

Transient Expression per il suo blog che da molte idee sulla moda e come mettere insieme tanti stili per sempre guardare “chic”.  Sul suo blog ho trovato un modello per una gonna che e` fantastica 🙂


So Valerie, from Living Out of the Box, has given me the gift of yet another award:  Style Blogger Award!!  I don’t know what to say….I don’t have the words to express how happy I am to receive these compliments.  Thank you, dear Valerie, for these honors!!  Perhaps you remembered my post that spoke about Italian Style and Making a Good Impression?

To receive this award, I have to once again reveal some secrets.  But since I already revealed them in my previous post, I have nothing to add except to say that the biggest regret of my life has been to have not taught my daughters how to speak Italian 😦  I was lazy when they were young and I didn’t understand the importance of learning another language.  If I could redo one thing, it would be exactly this.  Please forgive me, my dear daughters, for my laziness 😦

With this award, I would like to share it with some others that, for me, show a grand style with their blogs.

French Kissed is one of those blogs that gives you so much inspiration to redo everything in the home!!

Bardot in Blue for her life in Paris! There is nothing more “chic” than living in that beautiful city!

Polideuce for his photos that he takes when he ventures “outside the door”!  They have a marvelous style and he captures the essence of the landscape, castle, church…whatever thing he snaps!

Transient Expressions for her blog that gives lots of fashion ideas on how to put things together for a stylish look.  On her blog, I found the pattern for a fantastic skirt!

Fare La Bella Figura


Looking good…that’s what Italians really excel in!  Making a good appearance is always top on their list – whether it be in the way they dress or in the way they act.  After my recent trip to Italy, I was really inspired by their fashion sense and decided to learn the secrets behind their grace and style.  I began reading up on Italian fashion, and was amazed by the simple tricks that one can learn to “Look Good”!

Now, not all Italian women have perfect figures like the graceful model Elisabetta Canalis (and they don’t have significant others like George Clooney!!).  They are real women with lumps and bumps and curves – some are short, some are tall, some are plump, some are skinny!  But, what they do have in common with the top models is their fashion sense.  They learn to play up their assets and downplay their faults with their choice of clothes and accessories.  Italian women’s shoes are always stylish, and every figure can benefit from a beautiful pair of heels.  Scarves can be used to accent an outfit, and even change it.  Different scarves  give you different looks, even when you are wearing the same clothes!  This is a trick that is very handy when travelling – it is much easier to pack several scarves rather than packing several different outfits!  Jewelry is also a great fashion accessory – but it should be moderated so as  not be gaudy!  And lastly,  a good haircut is essential – we all know the importance of a “good hair day”. 

Because I am a bit curvy, I decided to look at the tips for le donne con curve, or women with curves!  This is what the top designers have recommended:

1.  Wear heels to elongate the legs.

2.  Skinny jeans are always flattering, again to elongate the legs.  I have found a brand at Nordstroms that fit really well.  They are called “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” and they were a great find!

3.  A beautiful white pressed shirt is a wardrobe essential – it can be played up with a skirt and heels, or downplayed over a pair of jeans.

4.  Skirts should not be too short – knee length is recommended.

5.  Colors should be understated with darker colors at the bottom (skirt, pants)

6.  Undergarments are SO important – good support and good control are very important to making the clothes fit better.  The designers stated that control type undergarments are now very comfortable and stylish, and that   they should be considered to be a part of the outfit!

I have incorporated these fashion tips and have purchased some new shoes, skinny jeans, and some white shirts.  I have begun to wear scarves to enhance the look…and I have to say, that with some stylish sunglasses and my new hair cut, I am making “La Bella Figura” or at least, I feel like I’m making it!! I walk with more confidence and carry myself with style!  Thank you, La Moda Italiana, for all your help 🙂