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Rubygate…Bunga Bunga


“I Love Life and Beautiful Women”

Rubygate…Berlusconi’s alleged relationship with a Moroccan teen and it’s “coverup”…has resurfaced once again.  This time the authorities want to  look at his office’s records and ascertain whether he did, indeed, pay for sex with Ruby and other prostitutes which frequently attend his “parties”!  Of course, he and Ruby both deny that they had anything but a friendly relationship – even though he did give her 7000 Euros just because he wanted to help her out.  What a nice guy…..hmm…..

The women of Italy have had quite enough with Signor Berlusconi’s obvious ignorance when it comes to his views on what women really are!  He hasn’t learned that the modern woman is independent, intelligent…and doesn’t live just to please her MAN!  Therefore, they have banned together to sign an online petition which states that not all Italian women are prostitutes or showgirls.  This campaign is called “BASTA!” or “Enough”, and it is aimed at re-instructing the males of Italy on how to treat and look at woment!  Chissa (we’ll see) if it will work!

Rubygate, as you can imagine, has also sparked a host of jokes and parodies by comedians all over the world. It has recently even become the inspiration for a movie starring Italy’s “Italian Stallion”, porn star Rocco Siffredi.  The movie is titled “Bunga Bunga Presidente” and it is loosely based on the parties held by the Premier in his villa outside of Milan.  The film’s producers state that any similarity is stricly accidental, but there are too many similarities which make us doubt the coincidences.  The plot revolves around a womanizing politician who intervenes to save a “damsel in distress” after she is arrested by police.  The girl appears in the movie sitting on a bed draped with the Italian flag!  Now, how many more clues do we need?  Really! 

The clip from the movie is pretty tame, but just in case…you have been warned!!!

And, the best of all, is this catchy tune about the Bunga Bunga Presidente!!!

My, oh my, Silvio never ceases to give the world a little comedy!!  But for a political figure, this may not be such a good thing…hmmm?