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Casanova 70…A Silly Plot but Still Entertaining



In my quest to watch Italian movies, I found Casanova 70 on Netflix and decided to watch it. Released in 1965 and directed by the famous Carlo Ponti, it seemed like a good choice. It starred Marcello Mastroianni as a NATO officer who had a particular problem when it came to romance – he was unable to perform in bed unless he was put in a dangerous situation! This resulted in many adventures which got him into heaps of trouble. Yes, the plot is pretty stupid but the film was, nevertheless, quite entertaining especially because it was filmed on location in various parts of Italy. From running over the rooftops of trulli in Puglia, to seeing the grandeur of the fancy Italian auction houses where priceless treasures are sold to the aristocracy, made the movie watch-worthy! Marcello’s handsomeness, as well as the beauty and fashion of his female “playmates”, put 60’s glamour on full view in this film! For a lighthearted romantic comedy with some great Italian vistas, I would recommend this movie! It’s fun to watch and will put a smile on your face.