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C’era una volta…


Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a beautiful castle high on a hill…and her name was Barbara!  Yes, that’s right!  I got to be a princess for a day, and it was magical 🙂

Castello di Pavone  in Piedmont, Italy, was the site of my fairy tale.  We booked this stay without any recommendations –  we found it on the internet!  And what a find!  From the minute we arrived and were welcomed into the inner courtyards through the squeeky gate, to the minute we left the castle property, we were treated like royalty.  The staff was incredible – they were polite, polished, and very professional.  The  castle itself was perfectly maintained and so authentic.  Constructed during the Medieval period, it retained that aura of knights and damsels!  The ceilings were decorated with exquisitely painted woodwork; the walls were beautifully frescoed; the furnishings were reproductions of the period; and suits of armor stood in the corners of the great halls!  Massive fireplaces, tapestries, stone walls and windowless rooms were all there, as well.  Climbing up the winding staircase to our room in the tower reminded me of the story of Rapunzel with her long hair hanging out of the tower window!  Our room was beautifully appointed and luxuriously decorated – plush bedding, leaded stained glass windows, frescoed walls, decorative ceilings , large screen TV, and even wi-fi internet!.  The large bathroom was decorated with Renaissance-themed tiles, and plush robes were available for our comfort.  

Usually I don’t enjoy eating meals at our place of lodging because I enjoy getting out and exploring.  But, in this instance, we wanted to experience everything this castle had to offer!  As we were walking down the stone staircase from our tower room to the dining room, we came into a secluded outdoor courtyard complete with a “wishing well”, cobblestones, and decorative wrought iron scrollwork.  The mood lighting was so romantic – muted warm glows lit up the castle walls and candles on the one perfectly dressed dinner table in the corner of this gorgeous courtyard awaited another very lucky princess and her prince!  What a romantic setting for a very special evening! 

We marvelled at the perfect setting, but knew that we ourselves were in for a our own romantic dinner.  We entered the foyer of the restaurant with a giant fireplace, frescoed walls and a massive wine cellar.  The tuxedoed staff welcomed us and proceeded to take us to one of the many dining rooms for our meal.  We were seated in a room with about 5 tables and surrounded by tapestries and wonderful artwork.  The wonder of this restaurant was that each room had a very intimate feel to it!  The food was incredible and it incorporated many of the flavors of the Piedmont cuisine.  We chose a delicious red wine from the area that did not disappoint.  After our dinner, we explored some of the other dining rooms, which were tucked away in every corner.  There were rooms that could hold large parties, and others than were only for 2 people!  Planning ahead for a special occasion would be so easy here – they had something for every occasion!

We were sad to see our little fairy tell come to an end…but as with all good fairty tales…

 We lived happily ever after!!