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What a Pretty Label!


I am, by no means, a wine connoisseur!  Pretty much any bottle of wine tastes fine to me (except maybe “two buck Chuck”!!!).  Now, if I were comparing wines side by side, I could probably tell the difference, but with a random glass – it’s all good!!  You have to understand – I was brought up on Italian table wine – nothing fancy at all.  The more home grown, the better it was!!! 

Anyway, when it comes to picking a new bottle of wine to try, I don’t really go by all the descriptions of the bouquet, legs, etc. that the real wine connoisseurs give.  Usually, I cannot detect the “flavors” that they describe anyway – my palate is no where near that sophisticated!!  But, I can appreciate a beautiful label.  I seem to pick my wines the same way I pick my horses at the race track – the prettiest one gets my bet!!!  So, when last night we visited our favorite new wine bar here in Los Gatos, Enoteca La Storia, and they were having a special on “fizzy” wines from Italy, I found a wine from my homeland, Lombardy!!!  And, what really sold me on trying it was the absolutely GORGEOUS label 🙂  Fortunately for everyone who shared it with me, it was also VERY good!

Here is the description of the wine at the Enoteca:

2007  Castello di Luzzano  Bonarda from Lombardy, IT

Bright ruby color with fragrant raspberry aromas.  The lightly sparkling, elegant, dry wine is from Rovescala where Bonarda has been grown for centuries and with great reknown.