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McDonald’s Leaving Milan’s Vittorio Emanuele Gallery Location!


After 20 years in their prime location inside the swanky Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, McDonald’s will be closing its door…just to be replaced with a Prada store!  One will no longer be able to get their favorite McItaly and Fries fix so close to the Duomo and Via Montenapoleone.

Frankly, I’ve always thought it was an odd location for a fast food restaurant, and would have much preferred to see an Italian cafe in its place.  But, evidently it was hugely successful for the mega-giant McDonald’s (to the tune of 60 million Euros per year!!) and they are putting up a giant stink by slapping the city of Milan with a whopping 24 million Euro lawsuit of “unfairness”!

Despite their fight with the city, McDonald’s did not want to leave their customers with a bitter taste in their mouth so they treated everyone to free burgers, fries and drinks on their last day.  According to Paolo Mereghetti, head of communication at McDonald’s in Italy, they wanted to “say goodbye to the Galleria with a smile.”

What do you think about the loss of McDonald’s at this popular tourist and shopping destination?



There is nothing more magical than being transported into a Christmas wonderland resplendent with illuminations!  Dark spaces lit up with the brilliant glow of twinkling lights instantly puts me in that Christmas mood.

A few years ago, we spent Capo d’Anno (New Year’s) in Milan and were treated to the beautiful Swarovski crystal light display in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.  The bright blue lights shimmered up in the dome of the Galleria and they could be seen from outside the entrata (entrance), leading you in with the anticipation of a wondrous delight.  

It was a beautiful display, only to be outdone, I think, by this year’s  very special exhibition called “Una Amore di Citta`”.  A spiral of pulsating cuori (hearts) in Swarovski’s signature design will cascade from the dome of the Galleria from Dec. 4th until Jan. 6th. 

 Sadly, I will only be able to enjoy this spettacolo (spectacle) via internet, but….

San Francisco has it’s own magical twinkling displays.  They may not be of Swarovski crystals, but they are, nonetheless, just as meravigliosi (marvelous)!  I was mesmerized by their bellezza (beauty) this last weekend while visiting the City for its Christmas magia (magic).  The lobby of the modern Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Embarcadero was decorated in a cascata (cascade) of tiny white lights which fell from the top floor.  It was as if being in the midst of the cieli (heavens), with all the stelle (stars) shining all around me. 

If you have seen any magical Christmas light displays, please share them with me!