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Heaven Found in a Bowl of Gelato


Thanks to my Italian friend, Marco, who has been so resourceful in finding so many Italian products here in Northern California, I found the best authentic Italian gelato I’ve ever tasted in the most unlikely place possible!  Stuffed into the corner of the freezer section in a Mexican produce market sat these perfect little gems.  Creamy and with the most exquisite flavors, these imported Italian gelatos are as good as those found all over Italy.  Of course, the variety of flavors is so small compared to the multitude in Italy, but that doesn’t matter as they have brought over my favorites!  Bacio – a chocolate hazelnut flavor that tastes exactly like the Perugina Baci chocolates – was my favorite!  The pistachio, with pieces of real pistachios, was pretty darn good!  And finally the capuccino…what can I say?  Heavenly!!  All in all, I must have eaten 1000 calories of gelato in one sitting!  Someone had to have the hard job of making sure they were all up to par!  Luckily, I didn’t buy the other flavors available!  I have to leave something for next time!


Siviero Maria gelato is made in Italy and can be found at Felipe’s Market in Sunnyvale, California.