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Fashion House Missoni..and my Dad?


Haute-couture designer, Missoni, and my dad?  Two very different individuals leading two very different lives….or so I thought until speaking with my mother the other day.  My mom mentioned that a friend of hers had just returned from Italy and she had purchased a Missoni jacket in Milan.  My mom was commenting on how beautiful it was, when she interjected very calmly, how my dad used to wear Missoni sweaters all the time when he was young and playing professional soccer in Italy.  She said….”Well, you know, Ottavia Missoni was a big fan of your father’s, and he would go and watch him play all the time.”  Missoni?  The Missoni?  The high-couture fashion house in Milan?  The one whose clothes sell at high end retail stores like Nieman Marcus?  She assured me that it was one and the same, and she proceeded to give me some history about Mr. Missoni and how he came to start his rise in the fashion industry…and how my dad fit into all of this!

Ottavio Missoni was an athlete like my dad, only he was a track star (she believed).  He was also a great businessman.  He married a woman who was a master of color combinations in knitwear.  The two of them began Missoni with her designs and his business sense.

Missoni gifted my father with several of his sweaters – evidently at the start of his fashion business.  Too bad there aren’t any photos of my father modeling a Missoni sweater – do you know what a gem that would be for me? 

Needless to say, I was amazed to learn of this fashion connection, and am wondering what other secrets my parents are keeping from me about their lives before me!!!