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Il Grande Panettone!!


A casa mia (at my house), it just isn’t Christmas without the obligatory panettone!  Growing up, we could only get this special treat at Italian markets, where it was flown in especially for the Holidays.  Today, thankfully, it can be found almost anywhere. 

Panettone originated in Milan, but quickly became a Holiday staple throughout Italy and Latin America.  A legend has it that during the 15th century,  a nobleman si innamoro` (fell in love) with a baker’s daughter.  In order to win her love, he disguised himself as un panettiere (a baker) and invented the panettone!  This just proves that all great inventions are on account of amore (love)!

Panettone translates to “large bread”, and that is a great description of it.  It has a domed top and is a light sweet bread with raisins and dried orange and lemon rinds.  The best way to enjoy it is with a glass of spumante or sciampagna (champagne)!!  Here’s to Natale!  Cin, cin 🙂