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Italy is Always Around Me


When my mom was a little girl in Italy, long before the world of the internet and fast airplanes, whenever someone wanted to say “get lost” they would say “vai a California” (go to California!).  Back then, California was as far away as the moon!  Luckily, technology has improved and Italy and California are just a 13-15 hour plane ride away.  You can wake up in California and go to sleep in Italy (or vice versa).  The world has become a much smaller place.  We can SKYPE with our loved ones on the other side of the world – see their faces – hear their voices!  It’s a true wonder 🙂

Even though the world is much smaller, travelling back and forth between Italy and California takes time and money.  It’s not something that we can do on a routine basis – it still remains a special trip and one that takes planning.  Luckily, though, I have many reminders of Italy in my own vicinities!

Excellent Italian Restaurants rivalling those found in Italy

Wonderful Enoteca’s serving Italian wines

Beautiful Italian architecture

Villa Montalvo, Saratoga CA

Shops selling Italian products

Italian Fashion Houses

Gucci at Santana Row