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Can This Be For Real?


I can’t quite understand how an older gentleman (76), and not a very attractive one at that, like Silvio Berlusconi can always get beautiful women to fall in love with him.  He must have some sort of charisma which lures these beauties to him which is a complete mystery to me.  In an interview published today in Italy’s Vanity Fair is the story of his latest love, Francesca Pascale (28), and her claim that SHE made HIM fall in love with her!


She courted him until he relented!  Why on earth did she go for him, when she could probably have any other man in the world?  He may be successful financially and politically (even though lately his political career leaves something to be desired), but I’m sure there are other men out there who have the same characteristics and who are much more suited to her young age.  So why him?  I can’t figure it out.

Francesca claims that she had her sights on “B”, as she calls him, back when she was 18 years old while she was working for his political party.  She decided back then that she was going to pursue him and she succeeded in 2009 to make him notice her.  At that time, she said that he told her to forget about it because he couldn’t give her the future she deserved.  Needless to say, neither one of them heeded that advice, and in 2011 he presented her with a diamond ring.  They have been an item ever since and she hopes that they will marry soon.


She has been right by his side as he has gone through some of the most trying times of his life defending allegations of tax fraud and sex with a minor.  She defiantly defends him saying, “My president isn’t a saint, but he is absolutely unable to treat women like objects.”

I wonder how her parents feel about this relationship since he is probably older than her father!

Oh, Silvio….You Should Be Very Worried



Sig. Berlusconi says he’s not worried about his upcoming indictment, but I think, this time, he is in for a big surprise.  Every time in the past when he has found himself in hot water for one scandal or another, he has been able to wiggle out of it.  His far-reaching influence (whether it be business or financially related) has been able to pull those all-powerful strings to get him out of trouble.  But his luck may have finally run out with this scandal! 

The problems stem from the scandal involving a Moroccan girl whom the media has nicknamed Ruby.  You can see my previous posts on Berlusconi\’s scandals and Rubygate for some history on this…but in a nutshell, he is facing two charges:  paying for sex with a minor, and using his influence to cover it up!!

Paying for sex with a prostitute is not a crime in Italy…but if that prostitute is a minor, watch out!!!  For this crime, he could get up to 5 years in prison.  But, ironically, the worst offense comes from his cover up of the scandal.  This is a severe charge, and it could actually hold more jail time for the convicted.  In reality, he will probably never serve the jail time because of his age, but his political career would be finished (along with his reputation).  His indictment will be on April 6th before three FEMALE judges.  Conan O’Brien joked last night that Berlusconi was high-fiving his lawyers telling them that “he had this one”.  I guess he thinks that he can   use his charms to woo the judges to his side (um, Silvio, have you looked in the mirror recently?  Surely your looks will not win you any prizes!!!).  In my opinion, having female judges will be a catastrophe for his case.  Females all over Italy are fed up with the Premier’s degrading view of women….and I’m sure these judges share those views!

Listening to the indictments against him

Why Does He Always Do or Say Something Stupid?


I usually don’t like to discuss politics, because, like religion, it is a personal matter.  Everyone has their own opinion, and everyone is entitled to have that opinion.  I detest people that try to push their political or religious views on others – for me, they just like to instigate trouble or are ignorant.  Tolerance is important in today’s society…if people only had more of it, we may not be in such sad shape.

But putting all politics aside and focusing on common sense, we come to discuss Premier Silvio Berlusconi!!!  As Premier of Italy, and head of the conservative party, he sure seems to do a lot of really stupid things.  Now, politically, he may be a great leader (I don’t know for certain, and that is not the scope of this post so I hope not to offend anyone here), but socially he is a mess!  When he is not implicated in some sex scandal, he is quoted as saying something stupid.  His last guffaw came this week when he saved a 17 year old Moroccan girl from being arrested for shoplifting.  The girl was detained by Milan police, but then released when the police received a call from Berlusconi’s office that he would take care of the matter.  He claimed it was an act of solidarity.  Solidarity with whom is not quite clear, but in his eyes, it was a chivalrous act on his behalf.  Evidently, he is personally acquainted with the young woman (and again, the nature of this acquaintance is a bit querulous).  She has been a guest at his villa several times.  And she has been quoted in saying that she “adores” the Premier!  In response to the inquiries made as to his saving of the young maiden,  Berlusconi said, “Well, it’s better to be passionate over a young woman than a gay!!”  As you can imagine, the public outcry was incredible.  Every gay group in Italy rose to the attack and accused him of being homophobic.  According to Arcigay, a gay rights group, the premier’s comments “represent a dangerous incitement to prejudice and helps legitimize discrimination, injustice and suffering.”   Berlusconi’s office has said it was all a joke – but joking or not, he said it in a public forum!  He really should learn to think before he speaks, because he causes great embarassment to himself as well as the Italian government.  I’m not exactly sure how he always comes out “smelling like a rose”, but he certainly either has extreme luck or some very good publicists and political allies!

Oh, povera Italia….speriamo in bene (Oh, poor Italy…we hope all turns out well)