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I am not a Groupie….well, maybe just a little ;)



When my friend told me I was such a groupie and asked if I’d be throwing my underwear on stage, I laughed!  Just because I was travelling 400 miles to see one of my favorite Italian singers doesn’t make me a groupie…or does it? It’s not like I travel to every single concert he does…I just go when it’s actually feasible for me to make it!  I mean, Los Angeles is a lot closer than Italy, right?  So, when I heard that Eros Ramazzotti was going to be putting on a concert in L.A., I figured I’d better seize the opportunity now or wait until who knows when for another chance!  It’s not like he puts on World Tours every day!

So, last Thursday, we left work early and boarded a flight to Los Angeles for the 7:30 pm concert at the Greek Theater.


What a beautiful venue!  The evening was perfect – perfect temperature, perfect atmosphere, and a perfect concert!  We sipped on a glass of wine while we enjoyed a spectacular show.


Eros sang for almost 2 hours and he sang so many of my favorite songs.  And the best part was that he sang almost all his songs in Italian!  Eros, like many other Italian pop artists, has translated many of his albums into Spanish to be able to reach a larger audience.  The fact that the concert was being held in Los Angeles made me wonder in what language he would be singing.  Don’t get me wrong – they are beautiful in Spanish as well, but I still prefer the original Italian versions!  I feel that his beautiful words were written in Italian and therefore more of his true feelings are portrayed in his native tongue – a particular nuance that I’m afraid may get lost in translation.


Los Angeles was his first stop in the USA, after having been in South and Central America on his NOI World Tour.  The concerts on this tour have been very successful and he deserves lots of kudos for a job truly well done.  He has lots of energy on stage and his voice is perfect.  The special effects added to the spectacle and were VERY good!


I especially liked those that projected a mosaic of him on the screen while you could see him singing on the stage!


He truly has a great stage presence and I was smitten!  Add to that, he’s VERY Italian… making him, in my biased opinion, that much more attractive 🙂  So….I guess, maybe, just a little… you could call me a groupie 🙂


Bellissimo Cosi…


Another great song by Laura Pausini!  Her passion is incredible…

Bellissimo Cosi

Ricomincio da qui

  e battezzo i miei danni

  con la fede in me

  senza illudermi  

ma con un principio da difendere

 punto a pieno su noi  

è bellissimo così  

meglio tardi che mai  


posso essere io  

l’occasione che aspetti da una vita  

il mio  

sarò di più  

io sarò la certezza che chiedevi tu  

è innegabile  

che da quando tu mi vuoi  

punto tutto su noi  


 lascia il tuo passato com’è

 e porta il meglio da me  

nel tuo presente  

spezza le parole di chi non t’ama e ti dice si  

non è sufficiente  

e lasciati guardare un po di più  

come un bagliore  

splendi di rivoluzione tu  

bellissimo così 

vieni a me come sei  

fallo immediatamente non voltarti mai  

l’essenziale l’hai tu  

lo nascondi ai miei occhi  

ma vale di più  

sei perfetto così

 coi tuoi denti lucidi  

punto a capo da qui


 lascia il tuo passato com’è  

lo porterai insieme a me  

nel tuo presente  

mezza vita è molto per chi

 ti vuole e ti dice si

 e lo fa per sempre  

lasciati ammirare un po di più  

senza pudore  

provochi la mia reazione tu

 bellissimo così  

sono trasparente lo sai

 io quando parlo di noi  

quasi indecente  

canto sottovoce ma c’è  

un suono dentro di me  

così prepotente

 e lasciati guardare un po di più  

come un bagliore  

splendi di rivoluzione tu

 bellissimo così  

bellissimo così  


Beautiful Like This

I will start from her

And baptize my faults

With the faith that is within me

Without deluding myself

But with the beginnings of defending

me and you.

It’s beautiful like this

Better late than never

Listen to me

I could be

the occasion that you’ve been waiting a lifetime

For me

It’s more

I will be the certainty that you’ve been asking for

it’s undeniable

that since you’ve wanted me

I put everything on us

Surprise me.

Leave your past where it is

And bring the best of me

Into your present

Cut the words of those that don’t love you and tell you yes

It’s not enough

And let yourself be looked at a bit more

Like a glow

You’re a beautiful revolution

Beautiful like this.

Come to me as you are

Do it immediately, and don’t ever turn away

You have the essential

and you hide it from my eyes

But it’s worth more

You’re perfect like this

With your bright teeth

From the beginning to the end

Listen to me.

Leave your past how it is

You’ll bring it together with me

Into your present

Half of your life and alot for who

want you and tell you yes

and will do it forever

Let yourself be admired a little bit more

Without modesty

Provoke my reaction to you

Beautiful like this.

I am transparent, you know

when I speak of you.

Almost indecent

I sing softly

A sound inside me

So strong

And let yourself be looked at some more

Like a glow

You’re a beautiful revolution

Beautiful like this.

Beautiful like this.