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Snooki (and friends) Take Florence!




Well, it looks like the cast of Jersey Shore will be spending this season in the land of their ancestors….only that La Bella Italia isn’t too keen on having them there. But can you really blame Italy? After all, this pathetic group of low lifes give a bad name to Italian Americans, and real Italians don’t want anything to do with them. They are the furthest examples of what authentic Italians are all about.

So the mayor of Florence, the lucky city that has been given the privilege to host this lovely group, has laid down some ground rules that the cast (and producers) have been asked to follow. First of all, they are not to be filmed drinking in public or in any bars or clubs that serve alcohol. The producers have been asked not to promote Florence as a drinking town, and Italy must be promoted for its culture. This show is to be about Italy, and not some yahoos visiting Italy and performing their stupid antics in public.  Hmmm….seems to me that this may make for a boring season if the cast can’t act in their drunken, sleazy ways. This idea may backfire in MTV’s face! Now, don’t get me wrong…I can appreciate this show as a comedy and a parody on the Italian American stereotype, but when they go to Italy and try to “fit in” because they think they are real Italians, this goes a little too far. But hey, it’s ratings…and even bad publicity is a good thing these days as it seems to be the mantra for today’s entertainers (just look at Lindsay Lohan and all the attention she is getting for being “bad”)! Kind of a sad state of affairs…what happened to being popular because your talent merits it?

I have to be honest here, but I have never watched Jersey Shore. Growing up in San Francisco, I was surrounded by these “Guido” characters and it always turned me off. Those guys strutting around like peacocks with their shirts opened to their belly buttons, donning a heavy gold chain and “corno”, trying to speak Italian when all they knew were the swear words – these guys were GUIDO’S TO THE MAX!!!  And I think I’ve had my fill!  Plus, the Italian American organizations have really come down hard on this show because of it’s negative stereotypical portrayal of Italians that I didn’t want to support it.

So, we shall see how long they last in Florence….and if they learn anything about how to act like a real Italian!!

Jersey Shore Florence pic courtesy of TMZ!