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Can’t Forget Italy Project


I’ve been following Haleigh for some time now on her blog Making Magique.  I enjoy looking at her style and her photographs, mostly taken in her new hometown, Paris!  Recently, she joined a group of fellow photographers and videographers as they took a trip to Southern Italy’s Basilicata region as part of theCan\’t Forget Italy Project. The project’s aim is to promote travel to this part of Italy.  Each of seven photographers made a promotional video of their experience there.  The promotional video of the project is here:

The videos all show the gorgeous scenery in this part of Italy – at times haunting and mesmerizing – as well as the endearing faces of those that live here.  I have never been here, but I think that after seeing these videos, I may like to take a trip there to experience first hand the beauty of this area.

Haleigh’s video is here, and she did a great job with her photographs as well as the accompanying music.  Good job, Haleigh – you’ve convinced me to take an adventure here!